What is it Esthechoc

To realize the dream of every greedy woman has thought about the University of Cambridge.

Researchers at Cambridge University have made possible one of the most common women’s dreams: eating chocolate erase wrinkles. That’s what I would do Esthechoc, a special chocolate created by the nutraceutical and presented at the last Cosmoprof in Bologna of which also speaks to the Telegraph in a recent article. The basic idea is that of a product that can reverse the degenerative process of metabolism that slows over the years, leading to the aging of tissues and therefore to the appearance of the signs of age. Researchers at the University of Cambridge, however, have formulated a product that contains active ingredients such as to reverse this degenerative process any younger than 20 years the skin of a 50 year-old. All with a chocolate characterized by a pool of antioxidants like astaxanthin (6000 times more potent than Vitamin C), cocoa polyphenols and elements that improve the oxygen supply to the skin, invigorating microcirculation and then reactivating the metabolic functions and parts cell phone. The advantage of this formula is also the technology that supports it: it is a type of chocolate whose active ingredients are not destroyed by stomach acids, but come through the liver directly into the lymphatic system, where they serve. How to use? The chocolate bars are packaged for single doses; each dose contains 38 calories and sun just assume one per day for a 3 week cycle. According to studies, in 3 weeks it should systematically improve tissue oxygenation, making the skin more elastic and firm. So younger.