Chocolate and beauty

Chocolate that erases wrinkles

It was invented The world and the beauty industry, certainly, will never go into crisis: every day a number of scientists around the world are busy looking for new remedies and undertaking new studies to improve the quality of our skin. A big gripe of humanity, especially women, are always wrinkles: creams, creams, treatments that scream to the miracle, we have done everything. There are those who have tried the vampire technique, which we discussed in a previous article. Today, however, I speak of a study that has combined two purely female passions: for chocolate and one for beauty. The British University of Cambridge has developed a special mixture of chocolate that will mangiarsene quietly 7.5 grams per day, without finally have the guilt as often happens. From now on, the most consumed food in the world will be regarded as a beauty product: the researchers say that the small amount of 7.5 grams can dramatically change the structure of skin of a 50 year-old making her resemble that a 30 year old. The new Chocolate will be called, not surprisingly, Esthechoc. The secret that will allow the substance to act at epithelial level is the ability to increase the levels of antioxidants and the increase of the blood circulation, factors that allow the skin to remain young, smooth and without wrinkles. The University researcher who led the study says that the type of antioxidant on which they worked is the same that keeps the red color in the red fish, or the pink flamingos. To achieve a similar effect, it was used the same amount of antioxidants that is in a salmon fillet Alaska and polyphenols present in 100 grams of common chocolate. It will be a real anti-aging product suitable for diabetics because the mass quantities on the market will contain only 38 calories. The results were achieved thanks to the tests carried out: a group of people aged 50 to 60 years were asked to consume for a month the new chocolate. The final exams then have reported minor inflammation in the blood and an increase of blood in the skin tissues, in addition to the visible improvement of the state of their skin. Researchers have been able to conclude that the chocolate has led to a marked improvement physiological because the product has acted slowing down the aging of cells. Some people on the other hand is not entirely convinced of what the new chocolate is healthy. Some experts in metabolism require more evidence of simple laboratory tests, concerned about the immediate consequence that involves eating so much chocolate: obesity. Despite some disagreements, the researchers say they intend to officially present Esthechoc the next Global Food Innovation Summit to be held in London. In short, according to the prestigious universities, chocolate makes us beautiful. Just feel guilty for having eaten a dark square, now we can say: “It’s not that I eat because I go, it’s just my beauty care.” A dream come true.